Mastedly & Brightspace 


About Brightspace

Brightspace Learning Platform by D2L, offers personalised and engaging learning experiences for learners of all ages. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, educators can create dynamic courses using customisable templates, interactive learning content, and integrated assessments. Learners thrive in a collaborative digital landscape where real-time interactions, lively discussions, and tailored feedback foster active participation and deep understanding. From academic institutions to corporate training, Brightspace empowers learners and educators to transcend traditional boundaries, unlocking a world of interactive and immersive education that propels them towards success.

Photo of a laptop displaying a Brightspace LMS Portfolio page.

Image credit: D2L

Integrations with Brightspace

Brightspace integrates with a range of Mastedly products to solve complex issues in the education industry.


Transition with ease to Brightspace

Mastedly Course Migration Service, using Crane, enables institutions to transition from one LMS to another smoothly. By replacing manual, time-intensive migration processes, with Crane automation, you’ll have your courses moved expertly and swiftly from your old LMS to Brightspace.

Systems migrated to Brightspace

We’ve helped institutions, learners, and staff transition to their new Brightspace LMS effortlessly. Crane can migrate courses efficiently and accurately from many source LMSs to Brightspace.

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Securely archive your source LMS 

The Crane archiving product assists education institutions with the important task of moving courses and student data from their source LMS, into an archive for long-term storage and compliance.



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