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About Canvas

Canvas LMS has become one of the most widely used learning management systems by colleges and universities in North America, and the fastest-growing worldwide. In K12, Canvas LMS becomes the digital learning hub that brings students, teachers, and tools together—whether in the physical, blended, or fully online classroom.


Integrations with Canvas

Canvas LMS integrates with a range of Mastedly products to solve complex issues in the education industry.

Practical, flexible design in Canvas

With zero coding experience, Loree empowers educators, learning designers and independent organisations to build web-like course pages and interactive learning experiences in minutes, giving precious time back to focus on what they do best. Educate!


Transition with ease to Canvas

Mastedly Course Migration Service, using Crane, enables institutions to smoothly transition from one LMS to another. By replacing manual, time-intensive migration processes, with Crane automation, you’ll have your courses moved expertly and swiftly from your old LMS to Canvas.

Securely archive your source LMS

The Crane archiving product assists education institutions with the important task of moving courses and student data from their source LMS, into an archive for long-term storage and compliance.



Meet the masters

“As our business needs rapidly changed, so did our work with Crystal Delta. We quickly progressed our engagement to include their course building service, for multiple high priority projects.”

Farrah King, Head of Learning Design

Our projects were always delivered on time, and to a high standard. Crystal Delta has become a go-to Learning Design and tech option at DeakinCo. when internal capacity had been exhausted. I’m really looking forward to our continued relationship.



Meet the masters

“Loree tools have enabled us to create great looking courses that improve the user experience and reflect our brand. There were several reasons for selecting this product: the price point is attractive, being able to create and share templates is easy, and the team are continually developing the tools in response to customer needs.”


Independent Schools Victoria is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to Independent education. They are committed to promoting, developing and protecting the autonomy of Member Schools. They are an association providing professional services rather than an authority managing our members.



Meet the masters

“One thing that stood out with Loree is the variety of accessibility options that they offer in their product. It’s a joy working with them and collaborating to meet the goals of our district.”


Today, New Caney ISD is among the fastest-growing school districts in Texas. Enrollment has doubled in the last 15 years to more than 17,000 students and 19 campuses. New Caney ISD believes there is a set of skills, knowledge, and attitudes essential for a purposeful and productive life.



Meet the masters

“STaR Association’s mission was to create a suite of online courses to expand its special education teacher training programs and to respond to the changes brought about by Covid-19. We chose Loree as our tool of choice due to its rapid authoring capability and compatibility with our newly implemented LMS Canvas. Loree was easy to use and allowed us to build courses quickly and effectively.”


Loree is a leader in the LTI ‘authoring tool’ space. They’re offering stood out above others due to its easy to use interface and seamless LMS integration capability. Another exciting aspect of their tool are their interactives. When choosing which tool to use, this became an important factor in our decision.



Meet the masters

A club-based accelerator and incubator, Innoclub delivers Australia’s only ASQA/RTO accredited finance, innovation, and entrepreneurship course program co-designed by Defence Force Veterans.

Chris North, Co-Founder

“Xen.Ed was instrumental in taking our innovation & entrepreneurship program online at the start of the lockdowns – in record time. The platform powers our  online training and supports our trainers by providing a solid framework of structured content and tools, to conduct live sessions mixed with self-paced learning.”

A solution to every need

Here are just some of the ways Mastedly can support your learning experience:

Increase Course Consistency

Course consistency and quality are central to enhancing learner engagement and success; studies have shown that standardized course look and feel increases student confidence through the delivery and navigation of simple and engaging learning experiences.

The Loree LMS plug-in empowers educators to intuitively and consistently build course pages with zero coding. Educators can create, share, and manage custom template libraries for control and consistency across an organization and align to universal design standards for high-quality learning experiences.

Loree’s admin portal accelerates your ability to standardize course content look and feel across an entire school, faculty or organization and aligns course design to meet your brand and style guidelines.


The Mastedly Course Building Service grants you the ability to expedite standardizing course design across your entire school, faculty or organization by co-designing and implementing a framework of templates within your LMS. Once implemented, your educators are empowered to efficiently deliver student-centred educational experiences and focus on productive learning outcomes with ease.


Improve the Learning Experience

Delivering rich and interactive learning experiences that empower and engage learners for productive learning outcomes is central to what we do here at Mastedly. There are many ways we support you with your desire to improve the learning experience.

The Loree LMS plug-in enriches the learning experience for educators and learners. Loree empowers you to intuitively design and deliver accessible, engaging course content, effortlessly create re-useable templates, and build interactive and H5P content to improve quality across LMS course pages.


The Xen.Ed platform efficiently delivers online, blended and hybrid learning to improve the digital learning experience. Xen.Ed can be adopted as a stand-alone end-to-end digital learning platform or used within your education ecosystem for its robust course marketplace, online assessments, student self-registration, powerful integrations and eCommerce portals to enrich your EdTech ecosystem.


Migrate Courses Between Platforms

If you are making the transition to a new LMS or in the process of deciding to switch to a new platform, the approach and process for moving your data between platforms is a critical decision point. Our Crane Migration tool efficiently migrates your data between LMS platforms.

Crane empowers educators to migrate course, student and academic data using the self-service feature or utilize our full-service migration experts to support their specific migration needs. Our Crane experts help you with mastering your new LMS and its capabilities. They enable you to understand how to cleanse, map, and efficiently migrate your data to ensure your new system looks great and has all your existing data in the right place, ready to use from day one.


Sell Your Courses Online

Increase your value chain and become a robust digital learning provider with the capability to excel in selling and marketing your courses. Xen.Ed empowers experts to deliver exceptional learning experiences and make strategic choices about where, when, and how to share your expertise. Learn more about Xen. Ed’s marketplace and e-commerce features.


Archive Courses and Records

The Crane Archive tool is a simple and efficient mechanism for storing and accessing legacy data. Crane’s archiving tool ensures institutions still have access to a complete record of course data, student records, learning materials and activities. Course data can be reviewed via easy-to-use dashboards or migrated to your new or legacy LMS with a click of a button.


Optimise your EdTech Costs

The ever-changing education environment and market disruptions influence educational institutions’ re-evaluation of technology strategies, education ecosystems, and learning delivery. Mastedly assists institutions, organizations and schools with delivering innovative, personalized and scalable EdTech frameworks that achieve broader educational, administrative and business goals. Mastedly can enable effective integration of learning and administrative systems, optimize migration and data storage costs, improve learner engagement and enhance the content design and delivery workflows.



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