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Migrating courses is now easier than ever

Crane is the world’s most advanced automated course migration tool. Using Crane’s self-service portal, you can efficiently migrate and uplift your courses, all while preserving the course structure. Save time with Crane’s cost-effective course migrations.

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How can Crane migrations support your organisation?

Crane equips schools, institutions, and universities with the ability to effortlessly transition to a new LMS in record time.


Crane makes LMS migrations easy and efficient using intuitive and straightforward automated self-service dashboards. Institutions can harness the power of Crane across several migration service options to meet their specific migration priorities.

1. The base tier is fully automated self-service migration and the most affordable migration option. In this tier, customers are responsible for managing their migration and fixing any issues or functional differences between courses in their new LMS.

2. Our “Like-4-Like” or full-service migration offers more hands-on support for institutions based on their specific migration needs. Crane Migration experts are responsible for managing the migration and fixing any issues or functional differences between courses in this tier.

3. The Transformation Migration Service is a holistic 360 review, shift and lift of your migrated content in your new LMS. In addition to working with our Crane Migration experts, you will also work with Course Design Specialists to uplift the look and feel of courses in the new system.

Our migration experts can help you identify the right approach for your institution.


Map My Data

When moving to a new LMS, it is essential to map the data and features of your existing LMS that you want to shift. Data mapping is crucial to a successful migration project because each LMS has a different data structure and table logic.

Data mapping helps you identify the data and features of your existing LMS and how they will be displayed in your new LMS. Every Crane Migration involves a short data mapping assessment with our migration experts, who determine the structure and critical information.


Archive My Data

When migrating from one LMS platform to another, understanding how to manage and maintain access to past courses and student records to compliance standards should be a critical component of the migration strategy. Crane Archiving Service assists institutions with the essential task of storing course content and student data from the legacy LMS into a fully browsable cloud-based archive.


Pilot Migration And Goal Setting

All Crane Migrations, regardless of the type of migration service level you choose (self-service, full-service or complete transformation), include an initial QA check and pilot run of a minimum of three courses from your existing to target LMS. One of the significant benefits of a Crane Migration is our pilot testing. During the pilot, we identify and address errors, fine-tune the automation framework, review and organize all features to ensure the migration goals, such as scalability and compatibility requirements, are met.



Crane has successfully helped institutions migrate thousands of courses between the following LMS platforms: Blackboard, Brightspace, Canvas and Moodle. If your LMS isn’t listed, not to worry! Crane can efficiently deploy automated migrations for most LMS platforms that offer common cartridge exports or API’s. Reach out to organize an LMS assessment.


Audit and Cleanse my Data

Another crucial initial step of any migration project is data auditing and cleansing. During pre-migration activities, taking the time up front to analyse your data to assess for course duplicates, inadequate descriptions, courses no longer in use, and inaccurate and outdated information, help you to pinpoint what needs to be discarded or sorted out before moving anything.

Crane will also audit individual courses and supports identifying features, such as links and videos, helping maintain the highest standard and ensure immediate usability of migrated content.


Quality and Consistency

Introducing continuous Quality Assurance (QA) into your migration project is beneficial for an efficient and successful migration. Employing several QA checks as a critical component of your data migration project is the best method of ensuring all possible errors are identified and fixed during the migration process so that your new LMS is functionally ready from day one.


Cost Optimise My Migration

Crane Migration and Archiving Services enable institutions to transition from one LMS to another efficiently. By replacing manual, time-intensive migration processes with Crane Automation, courses are moved expertly and swiftly from your old LMS to new LMS in a fraction of the time and cost. Crane offers institutions three tiers of Migration Service levels: Automation Only, Like-4-Like, or Transformation options making it an affordable migration solution for any budget.


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What is course migration?

Crane Course Migrations is a product that allows you to move online content from one LMS to another in real-time, capturing important details like course framework, tests, question polls, and more! Crane replaces the manual process of migrating between LMS’ and supports with modernising your migrated courses from a legacy LMS.


Efficiently deliver ready-to-teach courses

Focus on quality

Crane demonstrates efficiency and efficacy to an administrative team. With an emphasis on productivity and quality, Crane automatically generates a report for every course migrated capturing any errors encountered to ensure the accurate transfer of courses.

Fast-track your migration

Crane powerfully scales to suit the size of your migration needs and at top-speed Crane can readily migrate up to 2,500-course migrations per day. Dramatically saving time and giving valuable time back to staff & academics to focus on teaching and learning.



Meet the masters

“STaR Association’s mission was to create a suite of online courses to expand its special education teacher training programs and to respond to the changes brought about by Covid-19. We chose Loree as our tool of choice due to its rapid authoring capability and compatibility with our newly implemented LMS Canvas. Loree was easy to use and allowed us to build courses quickly and effectively."


Loree is a leader in the LTI ‘authoring tool’ space. They’re offering stood out above others due to its easy to use interface and seamless LMS integration capability. Another exciting aspect of their tool are their interactives. When choosing which tool to use, this became an important factor in our decision.




Meet the masters

"As our business needs rapidly changed, so did our work with Crystal Delta. We quickly progressed our engagement to include their course building service, for multiple high priority projects."

Farrah King, Head of Learning Design

Our projects were always delivered on time, and to a high standard. Crystal Delta has become a go-to Learning Design and tech option at DeakinCo. when internal capacity had been exhausted. I’m really looking forward to our continued relationship.



Meet the masters

"One thing that stood out with Loree is the variety of accessibility options that they offer in their product. It’s a joy working with them and collaborating to meet the goals of our district."


Today, New Caney ISD is among the fastest-growing school districts in Texas. Enrollment has doubled in the last 15 years to more than 17,000 students and 19 campuses. New Caney ISD believes there is a set of skills, knowledge, and attitudes essential for a purposeful and productive life.




Meet the masters

A club-based accelerator and incubator, Innoclub delivers Australia’s only ASQA/RTO accredited finance, innovation, and entrepreneurship course program co-designed by Defence Force Veterans.

Chris North, Co-Founder

"Xen.Ed was instrumental in taking our innovation & entrepreneurship program online at the start of the lockdowns - in record time. The platform powers our  online training and supports our trainers by providing a solid framework of structured content and tools, to conduct live sessions mixed with self-paced learning."




Meet the masters

“Loree tools have enabled us to create great looking courses that improve the user experience and reflect our brand. There were several reasons for selecting this product: the price point is attractive, being able to create and share templates is easy, and the team are continually developing the tools in response to customer needs."


Independent Schools Victoria is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to Independent education. They are committed to promoting, developing and protecting the autonomy of Member Schools. They are an association providing professional services rather than an authority managing our members.



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