Frequently Asked Questions

Loree supports its customers and ever growing Community of users to deliver better learning experiences year round.

Is Loree an LTI?

Yes. Loree has been built in line with LTI 1.3 specifications.


What other LMS is Loree looking to support in future?

We are also working on Brightspace and Blackboard Learn – Ultra.

How easy is Loree to setup?

Very! We offer both a self service model with a step by step online guide and added zoom support if required, and options to have the Loree Support team manage the configuration of Loree for you (this comes at no extra charge).

Where is Loree Hosted?

Loree is hosted via Amazon Web Services, the market leader in secure, reliable and well tested infrastructure. We are trusted AWS partners and apply best AWS practices and security to Loree.

What happens to Loree if I decide to end my subscription?

Course pages designed with Loree are saved directly to your LMS pages, meaning that should you ever walk away from Loree in the future, all of your content and media will remain within your course. Text, images, and other media will continue to be editable via each LMS’s own rich content editor. However, you will lose the ability to create web-like templates with ease and may require HTML skills to tweak layout-driven designs.

How do Loree interactives works?

Loree Interactives are Loree’s own set of customizable interactives (a library that is forever growing), allowing users to build out interactive content with zero code, set on-brand colours/styles and embed with ease to any LMS page via the Loree editor. These interactives are embedded as iframes, and as such are a breeze to update moving forward. Should you need to make a mass change, all you need to do is edit the original source Interactive, and these changes will be automatically rolled out where that component has been embedded. It’s like magic really!

Can students ever access Loree and manipulate course content?

No. Users who are enrolled in a course under the ‘student’ role are restricted from Loree by default. This is the only role that we have restricted.

Can I try Loree before buying a subscription?

Of course you can! You can head on over to our Community site at and sign yourself up for a free 2-week play! Warning, it’s infectiously fun!

How long does it take to install Loree?

This all depends on how quickly everyone can move! Short answer is – it can take on average 15 minutes to configure the LTI, then add on another 15-30 minutes to configure some roles and permissions mapped out, we can then lock in your guided training – and away you go!

Can I try Loree before buying a subscription?

Of course you can! You can head on over to our Community site at and sign yourself up for a free 2-week play! Warning, it’s infectiously fun!

Do you offer discounts?

We sure do! Reach out to us via to learn more about the discounts offered to those who are interested in locking in a 3-year deal up front. It’s quite exciting!

What is the upfront fee?

The once off upfront fee covers installation support, Admin Dashboard configuration and a number of training sessions and resources available to your organisation.

What kind of training is offered to support my team?
Training is a mixed bag of goodies! The Loree team and our Customer Success Managers will work alongside you and your organisation to structure virtual training sessions that best meet your users’ needs. We have in the past done large group conferences, explored break-out sessions that are targeted to particular roles/functions, and even hosted ‘train the trainer’ type sessions where we work with a small team of champions – to ensure they are up to speed, then support them as they head off to roll out the Loree experience within their organisation.
We also offer an online user guide and are about to launch our very own ‘I want to be a Loree wizard!’ training course which will be filled with information, and activities and leave you and your team feeling confident to take on the world! Upon course completion, we’ll even celebrate your achievements with a Loree certificate!

Where can I go to log a ticket/ask for technical support?

Please visit for links to Loree Service Desk and other helpful resources.

Is Loree content accessible?

Yes. Loree has it’s own built-in Accessibility checker today, however, we’re also in the process of launching a new checker, with a new UI to better support our users to deliver the very best back to the learner! Along with ensuring that content which is built with Loree is accessible, we are also working on making the Loree editor (application itself) accessible.


Loree is available for ALL Canvas customers, and for those using Blackboard Learn – the Original experience.

Does Loree store our data?

No. Loree uses LMS API’s to fetch content during editing and write those changes back to your LMS page. At present, no student information is collected or stored by Loree.

What kind of support is available to my team/organisation for Loree?

All users gain access to the Loree Service Desk – an online portal that allows you to log support tickets 24/7. We also have a dedicated Customer Success Manager and dedicated Customer Support Developers that will work alongside you and your organisation to ensure you have a wonderful experience. Loree also offers a support contact number and a direct support email address. Your Loree Service Agreement will clearly outline SLA’s and any additional required support that is discussed prior to jumping on board.

Is Loree Secure?

Absolutely! Loree aligns with the LMS roles for user access and ensures that users only have access to what they have been granted. We ensure HTTPS for secure communication between the users and Loree Servers (the nest!). Additionally, any information we store such as templates and images are encrpyted when stored so they are super secure. We get regular independent security reviews just to make sure we are keeping great care of your data and Loree!

How does Loree's H5P integration work?

Loree’s H5P integration is with that of (not .com). By integrating H5P within the Loree editor – we provide a streamlined interactive creation and embed workflow for educators and designers! This is available as an add-on license and will ensure that hosting is taken care of by Loree. The H5P add-on is ideal for users wishing to explore kicking off a H5P journey and not for those who already have an existing H5P account within their organisation.

Can Loree be installed from a sub-account level?

Yes. Loree can be installed at a sub-account level, however, the Loree Admin Portal can only be accessed by users who are added to the Loree-Admin role, which is created at the root level upon LTI configuration.

Do I need Loree 'Interactives'?

Great Question! And we would answer it with another question – Would you like the ability to easily customize and embed interactives within your course pages? If yes, then Loree Interactives are for you! Interactives are an add-on, and they are also something we can enable for you along your Loree journey, so there’s no need to make the call on day one.

Does Loree support other languages?

We are currently in the process of enhancing our Loree editor to ensure that we can address localisation. These items are on the roadmap and due to shake things up come early 2022!

What access is necessary

If you would like Loree’s own Customer Support Developers to manage the installation and setup for you, we would require admin access to your LMS. This can of course be revoked post installation, however, we have found that many of our users continue to grant access to support with testing and the odd CSS file update (note, this could very easily be done by an LMS Admin within your organisation).

How much does Loree cost?

For information on pricing, please email and speak with one of our wonderful Business Development Managers.

What is the Loree licensing model?

Loree is traditionally priced across three tiers and based on the total number of editors/users (user = designer/teacher – those who will be building with Loree) 1- Growth: Upwards of 10 users
2- Pro: Upwards of 100 users, and
3- Enterprise: Unlimited users.

We understand however that each and every organisation is different, and we do our very best to price Loree in a way that makes sense to each organisation’s needs! Contact us at for more information on licensing.

Do you have smaller tiers than 10 users?

Absolutely! Our BDM’s will work with yourself and your organisation to ensure we’re able to best support your team and unique needs – simply email and speak with one of our wonderful sales team members for more support in this space.

Can I export Loree course pages to another LMS?

This is a great question! As we know, every LMS has it’s own unique experience and ways of building courses, accessing course content such as ‘files’, and managing CSS. To support the layouts and elements of Loree, the application does require the addition of a CSS/JS file to be uploaded to LMS themes (Canvas LMS example) or a centralized place. If you build content with Loree in one Canvas instance for example and add the CSS file to the themes of the second instance – the content will look like-for-like. Exporting Loree-designed content from one LMS to another may pose some UI challenges, each instance and organization is different and we could work alongside you to build in solutions and add cross-LMS support.

Do you have an online user guide?

We sure do! Please visit for links to the User Guide and other helpful resources.

Do you accept suggestions and ideas from Loree users?

Absolutely! We encourage our entire Loree Community to share their thoughts and ideas around what they love, would like to see improved, or, would like to see added to the Roadmap! Please visit for links to Loree Service Desk – here you will find a section which reads ‘suggest a new feature’, go nuts! We love your ideas and your engagement!

What Accessibility standard does Loree meet?

Currently we validate and check against WCAG 2.1 AA standard.

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