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More than a Learning Management System

Whether you’re looking to provide K-12 teaching, postgraduate learning, company-wide training, onboarding new clients or extending your social impact, Xen.Ed has you covered with its full-stack learner-centric solutions. 

From efficient student registration portals, interactive learning experiences, easy to build quizzes, and assessments, all the way through to super-charged features like eCommerce, browsable course marketplaces, certificates and video streaming. Xen.Ed delivers robust, powerful, and engaging learning for all levels and needs. Find your Xen.

Xen.Ed's spectrum of features

How can Xen.Ed support your organization?

Xen.Ed supports schools, TAFE, Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), Nonprofits, universities, and businesses, to deliver successful online learning experiences. Regardless of the industry you are working in Xen.Ed provides you with everything you need to meet your educational and business needs. Find your Xen.

Fully Customisable E-LEARNING

Created for customization. Take complete control of your learning platform and customize Xen.Ed to match your brand identity. Personalize your domain name and imprint your brand across the entire customer journey, from student registration to certification leverage Xen.Ed’s powerful custom themes capability to match your existing brand identity.



Users can browse course catalogues using dynamic filters, and sales pages to search, enrol and purchase courses online. Increase your value chain and offer robust digital learning experiences harnessing Xen.Ed’s power to upsell and cross-sell your courses with irresistible offers, 1-click funnels and customizable checkout experiences.


Interactive and engaging content

Engage learners with rich and interactive learning content with Xen.Ed’s powerful learning tools. Skillfully add video, SCORM, H5P, interactive e-books, quizzes and more to capture attention, increase engagement and improve the success and satisfaction of your learners. Xen.Ed’s built-in discussion forums, student surveys, and embedded chat features enrich your learning community.


Integration & Technical Support

Extend and integrate your ecosystem to better support your needs. Integrate face-to-face training and allow learners to join in-person sessions online in real-time via Zoom, G-Meet, BigBlueButton, or your other favourite video conferencing tool.

Personalize customer experiences and extend your marketing capabilities by linking to your preferred CRM like SalesForce or Microsoft Dynamics 365. Connect to Google Analytics, and embed social tracking pixels to draw insights, run experiments, nurture leads and re-target customers on their buying journey.

The Xen.Ed Customer Success Team provides several support layers, depending on the need and severity. With online self-help and an easily accessibly knowledge base embedded directly into the platform, your team is empowered to resolve issues quickly. Of course, our team is always on hand to help tackle support requests and technical issues – reach out via live chat or lodge service requests online via Xen.Ed’s easy-to-use ticketing systems.


Xen.Ed is e-commerce ready & empowers experts to deliver exceptional learning experiences with fully online, blended or hybrid learning. Our built-in eCommerce functionality allows you to sell and market courses individually or as program bundles direct to your learners via subscription & memberships options.


Improve the learning experience

Xen.Ed efficiently delivers online, blended and hybrid learning to support you in delivering productive digital learning experiences. Deliver education and training that is mobile friendly and adaptable for each context, skill and competency to meet the individual needs of each learner.


Administrative Efficiency

Designed to be an end-to-end digital learning platform, Xen.Ed supports your administrative team to meet your business and operational goals. Simplify operational workflows and register learners en masse using the bulk onboarding feature or integrate your CRM to streamline your customer journey. Effortlessly distribute courses & training across a network of institutions or organizations using Xen.Ed’s sub-organization feature.

Data and Analytics

Leverage Xen.Ed’s built-in analytics and reporting modules to gain full access and control over your data. Efficiently explore, review, schedule & download learner and course data using fast and intuitive dashboards. Quickly visualize data in various forms, from simple pie charts to highly detailed charts and extensive datasets.



Limitless Course Authoring

Total Layout Control

Create and deliver modern digital learning experiences. Xen.Ed Authoring unlocks a sharp and intuitive course authoring tool that equips teachers with the power to create interactive, responsive, individualised and thoroughly engaging learning content. 

Flexible Learning Modes

Integrate face-to-face, hybrid and online learning. Xen.Ed empowers you to choose the appropriate learning mode for each context, competency, or requirement. Allow learners to join sessions online via Zoom, G-Meet or BigBlueButton, with video conferencing.

Mobile Friendly

Create highly responsive, mobile-friendly course pages within minutes and without code. Xen.Ed Authoring ensures content creators are able to expand their possibilities to deliver intuitive and engaging learning on all types of digital mediums. 


Assess with Confidence

Assessments for Every Need

Make sure your learning outcomes stick with multiple types and formats of quizzes, tests, and assignments! Easily track, monitor, and report your students’ successful results.

Advanced Content Types

Engage and educate your audiences. Rapidly add links, upload images, use SCORM, create interactive content, share files and embed video as a trackable, reportable learning activity. 

Create Complex Pathways

Control whether your learners navigate freely, sequentially or customise your own pathways. Mix and match modules, group courses into program bundles (ideal for certifications), and organize classes into easy to navigate topics.



Fully Customisable

 Xen.Ed was designed from the ground up to be fully customisable, helping you find a learning platform that responds to your needs, engages your audience and delivers high-quality educational experiences. 

Streamlined Onboarding

Streamline and scale onboarding. Integrate your CRM such as SalesForce or Microsoft Dynamics 365, leverage bulk upload or create sub-organisations to distribute your courses & training across a network of institutions or employers.

Program Management

There is no limit to how you choose to present, package, sell and present your courses. Xen.Ed’s can be used to combine different tiers of free and paid content, create program bundles and develop micro-credentials and certifications. 

DIY Reporting and Analytics

Create powerful custom reports and share the impact with educational teams, stakeholders, and external audiences. Our built-in analytics platform unlocks full control over your data visualization for even deeper insight and analysis.


E-Commerce Ready

Introduce a modern subscription model, program bundles or sell individual courses, certifications, or events. Xen.Ed is eCommerce ready to support your educational and business needs and reduce time-to-market

Control the Sales Funnel

Market courses using a dynamic catalogue, and deliver high- converting sales pages, for users to enrol and purchase online. Upsell and cross-sell with irresistible offers, 1-click funnels and customisable checkout experiences.

Analytics, Optimisation Tools, and Social

Connect your site to Google Analytics, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, or your preferred marketing platform, for pulling insights, running experiments, nurture sales-ready leads, and personalise customer experiences.

Keep Track of Orders

View order details, update order status, and issue refunds. Easy to use order management dashboard to view customer accounts and order history. Fully global Xen.Ed enables payments from 200+ countries. 


Explore how Xen.Ed Supports your Industry

Xen.Ed supports schools, TAFE, Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), universities, and businesses, to deliver productive online learning experiences 

Higher Education

We believe learning is a lifelong pursuit and from our first day to our last, learning is about development. Xen.Ed extends your EdTech ecosystem to provide an end-to-end digital learning platform perfectly geared towards universities, colleges and institutions looking to provide online short courses to learners from all walks of life.   

Students can view and register through branded course marketplaces, log in securely to access course materials, assessments, and assignments. Academics and instructors can create digital course content, build course schedules, develop rubrics, and share learner feedback. With powerful on-demand learning modes Xen.Ed encourage teachers and learners to find the right approach for them whether it be blended, hybrid or fully online.  

Registered Training Organisations

Deliver comprehensive training and assessments via your own integrated and branded digital spaces that go beyond the scope of traditional Learning Management Systems. Unlock the power of a new generation of cloud-based training software, without the complexity & cost.



Keeping your customers, partners, and employees aligned on your products and services is no easy feat – and it requires more than just training software.

The Xen.Ed Platform is designed from the ground up to empower you to create, present, manage, track, and improve the kind of experiences that engage and educate your audiences.


We strive to improve educational outcomes by putting the learning experience first. Xen.Ed supports students on their journey from school, through college and into their career with tools designed to help them succeed in their learning with online classes, assessments, calendar integrations and more to help them be fully engaged with their learning. 

Xen.Ed ensures all students can log in securely, use more classroom time for learning, and stay engaged with the curriculum. Teachers create personalised and organised digital classrooms so that students can easily find everything in one place, making access to online resources and content as easy as sticking up your hand in class.  

Customer and Technical Support

The Xen.Ed Customer Success Team provides you with several options for support, depending on the need and severity, to quickly answer questions and resolve support requests or technical issues – ensuring that you get an appropriate outcome every time.

Self-Help Options

Most users prefer to resolve as many issues as possible on their own using self-help customer service options.

We have built an extensive Knowledge Base directly into Xen.Ed, conveniently located at the bottom- right of every page, so you are never far from an answer to your question.

Live Chat

Help is never far, if you prefer speaking to a live agent when you have a question.

From Xen.Ed’s Smart Widget, you can initiate a conversation with the Xen.Ed Customer Success team or leave a message for them to respond during Business Hours – Do not worry, the widget will always show hours converted to your own time zone so that you know when we will be back.

Complete Support

In the event of an important request or urgent issue, you can lodge a support ticket with Xen.Ed’s Service Desk which is monitored by our Level 1 Support engineers.

A Support representative will respond within your agreed SLA. Default is 24 hours, during Australian business days, 9am to 5pm AEST,

but it can easily be enhanced to fit your needs!

Xen.Ed community


Meet the masters


Future learning Academy (FLA) offers On-Demand Professional Learning that seamlessly blends face-to-face teaching and online courses designed to empower educators with bite-sized learning and downloadable worksheets.


INDUSTRY: K-12, Professional Development
KEY FEATURES: LMS + Video Blocks + SCORM + Loree + Certification
SERVICES: Course concierge and support


Meet the masters


From short courses to full degree programs RMIT Online launched in 2017 as a new online course offering from RMIT geared towards industry-focused, flexible learning. Specifically designed for learners continuing their education, brushing up on skills, or getting ready for a career change.


INDUSTRY: Higher Education and Continuing Education
KEY FEATURES: LMS, eCommerce, Slack & Credly Badging, and Certification 
SERVICES: Enterprise license, 24/7 Gold Level Support, Custom Integrations and Development. 


Meet the masters



The University of The South Pacific (USP), created USP Global to provide online short courses that provided educational opportunities for peoples within the region to learn new skills, change careers and improve their livelihood. 


INDUSTRY: Higher Education & continuining education
LMS, eCommerce, Certification, Forums, Video blocks
SERVICES: UI/UX design, marketing strategy, and digital strategy


Meet the masters



The University of Mauritius is the national university of Mauritius, identified a need to create an end-to-end learning platform that could offer a branded solution to offer and sell online short courses and programmes, to learners of any level and all walks of life.


INDUSTRY: Higher Education
LMS, eCommerce, Certification, Loree, and badging
SERVICES: UI/UX Design, Marketing Consultation and Digital Strategy


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