Crystal Delta launches “Smarter Education” platform, Open Learning Cloud Intelligence

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For immediate release.
Date: Tuesday, 9th July, 2019
Press Contact: Tennille Sanders


  • Natural Language Learner engagement analysis
  • Predictive Learner Experience (Success and Satisfaction)
  • Predictive Learner ‘at risk’ management
  • Prescriptive Learner pathways


Melbourne, Australia – Crystal Delta today announced the official release of their Open Learning Cloud intelligence (OLCi) “Smarter Education” platform as the centrepiece of their education technology services and product offering, worldwide as of July, 2019.  

OLCi will provide Learners, and learning institutions with previously unrealised predictive and prescriptive analytic capabilities purpose built to improve learner experience.

Learners and administrative staff will be able to predict future experience (satisfaction and success) in learning activities, monitor engagement, proactively manage ‘at-risk’ learners and prescribe flexible learning pathways all from one platform.

The platform is set to revolutionise the way learner journeys are defined and managed, reducing failure rates, dissatisfaction and risk, all the while increasing success and administrative efficacy.

“The release of OLCi marks the transition of Crystal Delta from an outstanding services provider to a leading digital education innovator.  OLC intelligence heralds a new era in Learner engagement, experience (success and satisfaction), ‘at risk’ management and flexible learning. Smarter Education is truly here.” – Baradhazhvar Balaji, CEO, Crystal Delta

The platform is available now for demonstration with contact details available from the OLCi website (

Further detail

The platform is a fully cloud-based service with no need for internal infrastructure or development. OLCi integration has been developed to have flexible inbound and outbound end-points (LMS, CMS, CRM and other Learner management systems) and can be plugged into any system required by the user, to deliver ubiquitous Smarter Education for all. The platform is highly scalable and adopts extensive contemporary proven technologies, that are secure and extensible.

OLCi builds on existing descriptive reporting end-points and repositories with the following capabilities:

Predictive Analytics

Engagement – Sentiment prediction via Natural Language Processing (NLP) analysis.
Experience – Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven predictive analysis of Satisfaction and Success.
Learner Risk Index (LRI) – Comparative predictive Learner risk metric for effective Learner ‘at risk’ management.

Prescriptive Analytics

Pathways – Blended collaborative and content filtering recommendation engine for prescriptive flexible learning.

“Traditional learning providers are transforming from a traditional approach to learning delivery, to a more personalised Learner focused model. Commercial providers are aware that they must compete with the more established institutions through Learner experience and specialisation. They are both after what OLCi provides – education-specific, Learner-centric, predictive and prescriptive knowledge for future-focused Learner outcomes.” – Baradhazhvar Balaji, CEO, Crystal Delta

Crystal Delta currently delivers solutions for the education industry in partnership with Open edX, Instructure (Canvas), Kaltura, AWS and Microsoft.

Crystal Delta ( is a digital products development company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. Founded in 2015, it has since grown to employ a little over 100 staff and consultants located in Australia, India, United States, and United Kingdom.

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