FNU Launches new online learning initiative, “FNU Online” in partnership with Crystal Delta.

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FNU today announced the launch of its new online learning initiative called “FNU Online”. As the national university, FNU has been responsible for educating generations of Fijian doctors, nurses, teachers, mechanics, engineers and much and accountants, through FNU’s existing colleges and core values “New Skills, Practical Experience, Real Opportunities”.

The opportunity for FNU to expand and create “FNU Online” will create pathways for any learner to enjoy life-long learning through FNU regardless of their career pathway, program or geographical positioning. FNU expects that FNU Online will further enhance the educational experience and opportunity for students throughout Fiji and Pacific nations, enabling the university to continue to provide courses and content that will enrich the real-world opportunities for Fijians and Pacific nations’ people.

By partnering with Crystal Delta to develop the FNU Online digital learning platform, the university will be able to target and enter new markets, bring all university content online to improve accessibility and ensure continuity of learning.


“Crystal Delta has an excellent track record in providing a platform for in-company online programmes coupled with a cashless payment system and I feel we are partnering with the best in the business in this area.”


Vice Chancellor, Professor James Pounder, said “I see this as a milestone initiative for FNU. With Crystal Delta as our partner, we will be able to offer full programmes and individual courses for working professionals who will not need to leave their place of work to enhance their qualifications. Crystal Delta has an excellent track record in providing a platform for in-company online programmes coupled with a cashless payment system and I feel we are partnering with the best in the business in this area”.

“Crystal Delta is proud to be part of the FNU Online journey, it is a pivotal achievement for the growth and development for both the university and the entire Pacific region” said Mr Balaji Baradhazhvar, CEO of Crystal Delta. “As an Education Technology company, it’s in our DNA to actively partner with universities and particularly those in developing regions to improve, enhance and deliver online learning that is relevant and connected. Crystal Delta has significant ties to region with of our five Directors being a proud Fijian and this is an exciting moment for Fijian futures.”

FNU Online, allows the university to reach new students that are not currently enrolled in the university, provide new online short courses that meet industry needs for professional development, enabling new pathways for learners to upskill, re-train, and transition into new career pathways. An FNU Online will also enhance the ability for currently enrolled FNU students to study part or all of their current degree program online through blended and/or fully online learning models.

Through this partnership, FNU and Crystal Delta will open up opportunities for just-in-time learning, learning on demand and micro-credentialing from a reputable and digitally enhanced institution with a track record of educational provision for transformative learning experiences for a variety of learners and learning contexts.

Although the university has been working on its digital learning strategy for some time, in the light of rising concerns about the spread of COVID-19 and the effects of social distancing measures on teaching and learning, it is now clear that learners need flexible and resilient education systems. FNU Online offers a significant opportunity for the university to effectively offer post-secondary education in a way that minimises the impact on the success of our learners during such widespread global events.

The university through the Centres for Flexible & E-Learning (CFEL) and Learning and Teaching Enhancement (CLTE) The University, is taking a leadership role in driving learning transformation. The CFEL is especially committed to effecting this transformation through digital capabilities – thereby bringing about a reconstructed university business model and significantly enhancing student experience.