Crystal Delta launches Mastedly, a unified Education brand

Crystal Delta launches Mastedly, a unified Education brand

Melbourne, Victoria – 10 March 2022 – Crystal Delta announced the official launch of Mastedly, bringing together a suite of education technology products and services. Mastedly focuses on supporting educators to design and deliver experiences that engage learners for successful learning outcomes.


“As a parent brand, we have supported the education industry for five years. Mastedly strengthens our depth of experience and capability in developing education technology solutions,” said Balaji Baradhazhvar, Chief Executive Officer of Crystal Delta. “With the introduction of Mastedly, we wanted to create a cohesive brand presence that unifies our existing products and services, supports our growth, and furthers our mission to empower educators, globally.”


Mastedly will feel like a marketplace but act like a community. It enables educators to connect, share knowledge, and solve complex problems through the power of technology. With Mastedly, organisations can focus on what’s important: delivering exceptional educational experiences.


“Mastedly is the next evolution for Crystal Delta Education, and it’s ushering in a new chapter for us as industry leaders,” said Baradhazhvar. “This launch provides a foundation for future innovation as we continue to expand our offering in the education market.”


Since launching within the education sector in 2017, Crystal Delta has partnered with major LMS providers – Instructure, D2L, Blackboard, and Open edX. With its new education brand, Mastedly, it will continue to break new ground, form new partnerships, and showcase the mastery of its technology.


About Mastedly

Mastedly offers products and services that equip educators, organizations, and institutions to master the development and delivery of engaging educational experiences. Organizations can create and deliver effective and engaging learning using our industry-leading solutions.


Our suite of products and services includes:

  • Custom LTI development,
  • Custom integrations and development,
  • Efficient LMS migration and browsable course archiving with Crane, and
  • Course building services,
  • Intuitive, code-free course design with Loree for Blackboard and Canvas LMS,
  • End-to-end digital learning platform with Xen.Ed.


For more information, visit or follow Mastedly on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


About Crystal Delta

Our leadership team is dedicated to helping you navigate complex technology problems by delivering industry-leading products and solutions. Our pioneering adventurers formed Crystal Delta with a distinct vision to be clearly different. Our global teams strive for the summit of your next digital adventure with a heightened focus on quality and delivery with every project.


In everything it does, the Crystal Delta focuses on delivering simple solutions to complex problems that make a meaningful difference to our customers. 


The Crystal Delta family of brands includes Crystal Delta Solutions, Mastedly, Loree, Crane and Xen.Ed.


To learn more, visit or follow Crystal Delta on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


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